spoken word 5.5… manhattan – cover…

My friend Stephanie: “Come to the Inspired Word spoken word night!”

Me: “I refuse to pay cover charge… you know me.”

Stephanie: “I’ll pay for you!”

Me: “You don’t have to do that.”

Thirty seconds after that my fellow poets of soul Stephanie and Ronald tackled the man collecting money at the door saying, “No! No! We already got her!”

I was escorted to sit with my friends in the front row. I saw a rainbow of spirits and heard a hail storm of perspectives. We also sang a bit of jazz and someone performed a Vampire rap.

And then I read “sideways glance” previously read by the most gorgeous Helen Gilbert.

My fourth night in town I wrote two thousand useable words and read somewhat new work in my old neighborhood… what will tomorrow bring?



2 thoughts on “spoken word 5.5… manhattan – cover…

  1. I just clapped out loud when you finished – so wonderful to hear you read. I love that I can follow your journey here, babe…who needs facebook, hey?!

    Melbourne misses you X

    1. Off to the country tomorrow for summer ales and tight squeezes. Wish you were here darling… not the same without you. x

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