because you can never move enough

Scratch Melbourne. Moving a few buildings closer to work for a brief period. Many buildings closer…

I’m moving to a building and I’m not leaving without some sort of published item that has ‘book’ attached to whatever you choose to call it… ‘self published’ book ‘gretchen cello’s’ book ‘worst’ book ‘ever’.

I need to sort it out. At this stage… it’s really just about content. I got more content than ‘joe mama’ as my father would say. I’ve been back and forth about what to build with it.

And well… ummm… I’ve written a few things in between. I guess I’ll pack… again.

I wrote this poem last year called ‘gypsy’ after a phone call from an ordinarily silent friend.


where you realize you’re
… back where you started.
with more –
about (telling)
living in a place;
with one destination putting you right
… you began.

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