being told. secrets of the sky.

Arizona is gently unravelling threads of my illusional troubles, braiding them into bangles, and jingling me new songs.

As mad as this may sound coming from someone whose domain is FollowMeToNYC… I had to get out of the city. Although it is one of my most favorite places, I am an undeniable drifter. Gypsy, if you will.

I’m going to the Grand Canyon today. I’m going to stand as close as I can to the edge. Everything is changing blog family. It’s perfect and scary and ineffable.

I’ve been meditating every morning, I haven’t been this grounded since the last time I left Australia. Something I love about New York City is the way it rocks my world, sometimes to the extent of utter chaos.

And we all know how I love chaos…

But now… it’s getting good again. I’m spending time talking to the sky a lot. Here’s the first poem I wrote in the world of west currently consuming me:

being told

Separate. To stillness,
My gold exploded
Sky melting sunrise,
Saturating my silence.

Whispering sunbeams infuse
Morning breeze beckoning
Forward motion. I feel
Life’s invitation seduce.

I wanted you in
Wildflowers. What you cannot
Keep away. Distance to sense,
You have no idea

How far I have stretched.
The length of steps
And what I am not;
Once walked circles

Around ache. Wander
Replaced with stride
Learned. Behind. You.
I am nothing. More.

Footprints in the desert.
Mountaintop shout.

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