seeking below the surface

I like things that reflect how insignificant humans really are. Needless to say, the Grand Canyon had me squealing with glee.

It was like time stopped while I was there. I wandered with a pair of beautiful people along a seemingly endless drop that stretched in every direction as far as eyes can see. I felt utterly inconsequential and completely blissful.

Later in the day I ate seaweed salad and talked about words more, my motivation of spilling them daily in inky release… the ones I think are most wonderful and why.

By the time I returned to The Theodore where I’m staying in Scottsdale, it was about 10pm. All I wanted to do was swim underwater. I strolled out to the gigantic, apparently abandoned swimming pool, dipped beneath the aqua surface, and swirled amongst the glow beaming from big silver globes lighting up my world.

Swimming underwater with long hair is the best. It makes you feel like a mermaid.

I rose to the surface and allowed my feet to rise up with one deep breath that had me floating on my back and staring up at a blanket of Arizona sky decorated with a half moon and splattering of stars.

I must have been floating that way for nearly forty-five minutes. I thought about my writing, I thought about New York City, I pondered Australia, I wondered what the hell I’m going to do when I get back there…

I held my breath and dipped back beneath the surface.

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