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I didn’t sleep last night. Around 3.30 this morning I mentioned my sleeplessness on Twitter and two Poets in two different countries sent a ‘hello…’ And it made me feel so much better than I was…

Not only am I meeting amazing people all over the world through my page, I’m receiving reactions to my work… real reactions. Instead of a faceless publisher sending a photocopied letter that says ‘Thanks but no thanks’ with no elaboration… actual humans are saying things like ‘you are quite engaging’ and ‘i like what you have to say’.

I’ve never been good at taking compliments. I’m not sure if it’s a self-confidence thing or what, I imagine there is a spectrum of psychological theories that could try to reason why this is. I love giving them though…

If someone says they hate my work, it honestly doesn’t phase me. I’m not saying that to be a hard ass… but think about it this way… If you spent your entire life doing something simply because you love it… because you honestly could not function otherwise… is it really possible to be affected if someone says ‘I don’t like it’?

I was told from a very young age Writers don’t make money… that you can’t ‘grow up and be a Writer’. I remember being in the age range of single digits and thinking what a strange concept this was, how can anyone say that you can’t become what you already are?

the future before you

We recognized each other at first sight.
All yesterdays and every tomorrow
stood staring back at countless days and nights.
Tears fell for the first time, not by sorrow.
When silence grows loud, screaming in silence;
acceptance born from desperate yelling.
The world stabilizes from one presence.
Love without touching. Words without telling.
We didn’t need to fit or try. Pretend.
Can you feel the way that I remember?
Altering life, how we receive and send.
Channelling thoughts, understanding tender.
Where time does not exist, we never wait.
Influence of soul, a natural state.

4 thoughts on “my beautiful blog family & word reactions

  1. I sometimes cannot sleep, insomnia is a writers best friend, but the real dough makers enemy at times.

    I have been coming over reading your works since I saw you friended me on Twitter…nice work ‘Channelling thoughts, understanding tender’

    Chef E
    Elizabeth Stelling

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! I think your balance of cooking and writing is a beautiful combination of artistic expression… I do enjoy my playtime in the kitchen although sometimes the results are a bit scary 😉

    1. What amazing words to receive! Thank you deeply Birgitte… my face is warm with smiles 🙂 ps. i love your name! It is a pleasure to meet you…

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