blossoming patches bloom

I was inspired this morning by two things (so far)

First there were the beautiful comments from Ms Debbie, (one of my Australian sisters who I had the pleasure of spending some of my better Sundays in Melbourne with writing, cackling and clanking
cider glasses). She mentioned the violent and bleak moods that owned me for a few months, and the writing that matched it. Then she said how lovely it is to see me in love… and referred to writing that will be born from just that.

This all occurred while I continue to listen to “Flowers by the moon” and swoon over my husband.

Suddenly poetry is born…

blossoming patches bloom

he turns to me in african violets,
deep purple endearment splashes
my daisy reply – daffodil view.

snapdragon pledge
shaped toward the sun.
fed by the sky. star lullabies.

sunflower arousal. open petal
promise. tulips in spring.
infinity’s garden grows.

Thank you Ms Debbie, Tim and The Reign of Kindo for sponsoring today’s post and filling my head with things such as tulips in spring and star lullabies. x o x

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