89 days

I realized this morning that it has been 89 days since Tim arrived.

Needless to say, my family is pretty pissed off about me getting hitched 44 days after discovering the wonder of my husband. It’s ironic because part of my escape from Australia was to be closer to them. I imagine if anyone decides to have a real look at how ecstatic I am about life lately, they’ll decide to come around.

You always hear people talk about how life can change overnight. I still don’t think it prepares anybody for when it actually happens.

As a Writer, things that inspire me usually stir in my stomach for a few weeks before I start pouring them out. Truth be told, between finding a new place, booking puppy flights, rocking a day job, and marveling at the man who wifed me lickety split… I’ve been spilling some poetry, not as many short stories… a bit of novel here and there… and a couple other odds and ends.

I think I’ll write a short story today.

It’s interesting being in a relationship with someone who reads my work. Not only does my man read what I’m writing, he even knocks around blog land and does some writing of his own. Here are my top ten favorite things about my husband:

Gretchen Cello’s Top Ten Favorite Things About Her Husband Tim

10. Tattoos.

9. He’s mean on a BMX.

8. He cooks.

7. He knows how to build things.

6. He appreciates the puppies… and museums.

5. He understands that hot sauce is the only truly critical condiment.

4. He lets me cry sometimes when Earth overwhelms me.

3. He’s musical.

2. He is the most genuinely kind creature I have encountered.

1. Falling in love at first sight injects unique meaning into life.

Now… off to write that short story. Love and light to you and yours… spread it, the world will thank you. I promise.

2 thoughts on “89 days

  1. We pulled up a chair for you at the writers’ meeting yesterday, even poured you a glass of mulled wine with chilli as the inky talk began. You’re always on my mind…your happiness makes me smile, with both my mouth and my eyes x

    1. Divine in every sense, thank you my love. I have been reading your stories recently and preparing for your August arrival. I cannot wait to introduce you to my husband, and I cannot wait for him to meet you… x o x

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