book. new york. yes.

This morning I started to get down on myself about the blog gaps of the past months-ish. But then a huge smile crossed my lips. In between being sad about Henry and other things, I’ve really been banging book.

DSCN4505Then I started feeling all nostalgic looking at just how dope my set-up is and what I seriously accomplished since shooting off to get here. It took about three years… I blogged nearly every day of that… and I’m plopped dead center Manhattan clacking away, working full-time as a Writer.

All of these pieces are why I love this city. It took a lot of time and a fair amount of ass busting, but I positioned  myself to embrace one of my favorite places in all the ways she offers. Like a fifteen minute stroll to work or five minute walk to a broadway show. A morning wander to Central Park or mosey on over to an art museum.

I live upstairs from everything. With Peanut.

This is the type of environment where I work the best, which is why there was no rest until getting here. Meanwhile life happened along with all the rest and I’ve got pages and pages I’m pasting together.

It’s pretty fun… actually.

Here’s to 2013 cult collective! Let us all be lovers with wind in our hair and fire in our heart.


2 thoughts on “book. new york. yes.

  1. Blessings to you Gretchen! The final poem in my first poetry book has your name on it. And I’m thrilled things are looking up in 2013 compared with the terrible moments of 2012. Love and laughter <3

    1. love and blessings your way sister. my name in your first poetry book?? namaste woman of words. 2013 tastes like stories, and many things much sweeter than 2012 served up 😉 x

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