bored of still reading my stuff

I get bored of reading my own stuff. I can’t imagine anyone that would want to read the same thing over and over and over. Granted there are certain things we revisit, favorite books or poems, songs even. But not usually all day, every day, for consecutive periods of time.

As a Writer, I tend to write something on the day, re-visit the work over and over for a few hours until I feel I’ve said how I feel. Then basically be done with it. I’ve never created a word thinking to myself ‘one day publishers will be beating down my door for this!’

Usually the first thing on my mind when I finish something is, ‘Sweet. Time to move on.’

It’s not that I don’t understand and appreciate editing. Once upon a time I used to get paid  money to ‘transcribe complex strategy into plain-language documents’ which essentially means edit.

Editing my own voice is odd. It’s hard enough revisiting all these places from essentially the past 24 months. Some of the stuff I’m reading I literally read once, most of it I don’t remember writing.

And THAT my blog family is some pivotal ‘what I’m learning about myself as a Writer’ shit! Along with: only classical music or silence allowed during work time and black coffee is my favorite vice.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend…

4 thoughts on “bored of still reading my stuff

  1. Yeah but isn’t there a rare occasion when you go back to read something you’ve written and you say to yourself, Holy Shit, that’s not bad? Granted, most of the time the response is, Mother of Jaysis that’s crap, but its nice to get impressed with yourself maybe once a year !!
    By the way, did you ring your Dad? Poor lad having to communicate with his daughter via her blog! Outrageous ! 🙂

    1. Now and then I feel pleasantly surprised 😉 And of course I rang him! I thought something was wrong if he’s coming around these parts to find me… he was just lookin for someone to take the piss out of the tsunami hype with… Hahaha! I thought of you earlier, they were showing people in Ireland bathing in seaweed… is that what you guys get up to overe there?

  2. When I’m working on a piece I’m usually on it for a few weeks. That said, I tend to write everything down and will come back to my notepads years later and wonder what the hell I was thinking. Sometimes I’ll find a gem I those thrown away pages. Self editing is pretty tough though. I like to get a few set of eyes I trust on work throughout the editing process as everything already makes sense in my brain.

    1. I like your style! I don’t really have a crew like that around to hit up for the favor… hee hee… haven’t even opened my notebooks yet, a lot of stuff on those pages hasn’t been typed. Baby steps… 😉

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