writers reading. enslavement arrangement.

My Writer friends basically get published on a daily basis. And not to sound smitten, but I do glow a unique golden shade basking in the light of their success.

Because one day I’ll say: “I was reading them far before famous…”

All of this said, I still haven’t found my ambition to submit work for publication. Not because I don’t care… I mean… I want to care…

I just don’t think it’s my bag blog family.

I admire Writers who compose something, recognize its brilliance, and get it published in their favorite zine.

But as far as I go? Well…

I had a very busy day today. I nearly cried a few times missing New York City but accepting what has to go down over the next few months. I came home to an empty house, played with the puppies for a bit, blasted this Tiesto track, pulled my hair that’s growing quite long these days, and wrote a poem.

I didn’t write a poem that a publisher will care about, or that I care about a publisher caring for… I wrote something honest that expresses me exactly right now.

Shout out to the 500ish of you who get it. Because to me, as a Writer, that’s actually what matters. Truly… I’m actually one of those…

enslavement arrangement

memory. restyled remembrance.
i have a
still. shot.
picture. me
in your world.
he is dangerous.
my mind. dressed to… in…
suits. costumes. strata.
we dance
an unseen spiral
aching. louder
my hands,
twisting. above
my head. rejects
uninvited. feedback
about knowing
what i am telling
you. i found a way
survival is possible.
breath tastes sweet.
both of us
slowly relinquish,
to an extramural
venue. place outside
of how attempts
tend to tell.

It’s been a minute since I said, “I LOVE YOU.” Not that you don’t know… but really… don’t think a day passes that I’m not loving you my cult of all things delicious. You’re not here because I’ve got a hip indy name for myself or because cool people get published on this site. You’re part of the love circle.

It keeps my heart beating. x o x

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