brothers grim and the blue murders…

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Brothers Grim and the blue murders are part of the hottest, illest, craziest licks of musical style that you must be put onto – presently brewing in the mysterious land that is Australia.

Mix gritty lyrics with a voice born to sing the blues, back it up with heart pounding rhythms of a three piece band and (for good measure) top it off with a tall whiskey, guzzle, repeat…

Don’t just take it from me. See for yourself, I shot this last night:


Please pardon the two fuzzy sound bits… I tried to do everything in my power to hold my phone still and not wildly shake my ass… but that sort of control for over three minutes at a Brothers Grim gig isn’t really possible.

We all know how I love gushing about the swollen tribes of talent I am blessed to cross in my worldly Writer walk. In early February I was invited to tag along to a Brothers Grim show by one of Melbourne’s finest Writers . I’ve attended four more shows since…

There are a number of factors that turn something decent into something fucking spectacular. Brothers Grim do this with astonishing talent levels, ability to put on one of the best live shows you’ll see, and (which goes with out saying in a gretchen cello review)…

delicious lyrics.

My favorite track in a clip shot during my introduction back in February, The fearful sea:


… keep up.

2 thoughts on “brothers grim and the blue murders…

  1. Damn, knew I should have left the safety of my cave and ventured onto that train with you last night! I have to say, my first thought on reading this post was: do not TELL me Gretchen managed to stand still for three whole minutes! 🙂

    Before you head over to New York and me back to Berlin, we have to fit in as many Brothers Grim gigs as we can. Deal?

    And your tags on this post made me just about beam X

    1. Any mischief we can manage is always a number one priority beautiful… I actually drove last night which is a novel in itself 😉

      Time is flying until our adventures! The more hip swinging, head-cocked howling, and slippery feet shuffling we can fit in before then the better!!

      I love you. x

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