buried fortune. the puppies are coming too.

The puppies are coming to New York City blog family. I trust this move is approved by our board of Cult. Sure this makes my life just that much more complicated in the long run, but hell, why not make it all a bit more difficult?

You see, the puppies found me in Australia and have been looking after me in this foreign land ever since. Fortunately they have other family members and puppy lovers that tend to them during my international gallivants.

However, it can be no longer denied – they love me the most. I think it’s because I spoil them with bones and walks and playing ball and let them jump around more than I should… and they like sitting in my lap when I write.

Obviously this move isn’t happening tomorrow, I just wanted you all to rest assured that I have officially accepted the obligation to care for the mascots of our cult, regardless of continent.

And I wrote a poem this morning…

buried fortune

i drank.
beer for breakfast.
still toasted. you. raised my glass.
clanked. against.
a rising sun.
cotton candy dreams.
fairy floss clouds.
i say things
the same way.
if i was brave. like you
i would stick
needles in my arms.
find a better way
to say i love you.
cloaked in stories. blanket verse.
my pulse. of your poetry,
it beats my days. this desire
demonstrating. fragmented
i do not step. how a compass
defines a course
from you
will require
a map.

4 thoughts on “buried fortune. the puppies are coming too.

    1. mama you bring smiles like whoah. free tonight? you can come over… they’ll dance for you. they always dance for pretty ladies.

  1. Hang on a sec, where the F are you now woman, Auz or the States? I can’t keep up with you 🙂

    1. YOU FREAK ME OUT!! lol!! i swear you’ve got a habit of magically appearing when you cross my mind… it’s a magical habit that paints smiles on my face 😀 somehow i’m in australia… not sure how that happened… 😉

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