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the driver. piece of a story.

A piece of a piece I am working on… peace and love luscious cult of word junkies!

the driver

Traveling in a small pack is effective until the show starts, then your three set splits to separate corners and each individual focused on is convinced you’re there alone. They’re convinced you’re their best friend when you say things like ‘That’s that shiz’ and discretely pinch your pointer and thumb to crack a bag with a scent that would lift the whole room if you didn’t close it just as quick.

And then you name your price. Continue reading

stage fright at dress rehearsal

Stage fright at dress rehearsal

‘Dancing is something intensely personal,’ she says flicking an amber ash of her third Lucky Strike onto the unfinished floor; exposed foundation. Grey like a December sky in New York City. Dark enough that the burgundy walls seem swallowed in its shadows. Her eyes are spiralling glow-worms, warmed by deep brown locks that fall two-hands past her shoulders and hide the left side of her face… just… (enough.) Continue reading

attire of endearment

He said we were going to Texas; I bought a pair of snakeskin boots. We watched a dusty sun sink into a lake whose name I can’t repeat – because I was distracted by how the gold brown reflection from the sun dipping down swirled in hazel eyes. Like a liquid galaxy holding the time that had passed, that didn’t exist.

He told me I was beautiful and emotion moved down me in a way that twisted my insides in circles and knots. We were… (still). Surrounded by sounds like a breeze between branches, the rhythm of the crickets.

It was hard for me to… Continue reading

city. deadly nomination. disappearing.

Last night I rugged up and hit town with CJ. We discussed the forthcoming Carrier movie that is still in post-production, a final product should be available for viewing over the coming weeks!

We wandered beside the water, I made wishes on stars, we discussed manifestation, we pondered any opportunity to earn a living that doesn’t make us want to vomit. One day when I’m a world-renowned word nerd and CJ is an international directing phenomenon, I’ll flip back through photos of these times and say something like, “You know, it really was simpler back then…” Continue reading

unarticulated assurance

She needed to step (outside) beyond entrance and exit. Standing inside of a moment… existing within a (secret) unseen pulse that has her planted like…

Madeline bit her nails (down) to where there was nothing left. She despised the habit and tried to break it once a week… lemon juice pressed into raw fingertips. Hot sauce in her cuticles. Continue reading

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