cloudmachine, music, and me

Instead of editing, I’ve pretty much been writing poetry for 48 hours straight. Something about reading old poetry makes me want to write new poetry, which is part of the reason I find myself in this regular predicament.

… enough about me. Meet Cloudmachine:

I’ve been listening to this track all day on loop writing… and writing….

Words such as these:

exhibit wield

is there ever.
eye drops. rehearsal.
performance. “art.”
better. then…
mask. looking.
extinguish temporal.
knowing. my trouble.
… windless chimes.
expressing how.
earth sounds.
because i touch.
in this way.
between strings.
my defense.

and these…

asymmetrical tumbling

i awoke from
a state. in condition
overlooked. many
blocks with letters.
spelling existence.
i built a castle
kicked out the bottom
looking down from balconies.
as if jumping
onto something hard – might
steady my landing.
the collapse.
tendency of folding.
against the shore.
sand patterns.
where initials shaped
wash away
as every ripple

I sent a link to Asymmetrical Tumbling to a member of Cloudmachine who told me it reminded him of Hyperballad by Bjork, which happens to be my favorite Bjork track and something I played regularly back during my radio days. Huge shout out to CLOUDMACHINE!

Art is meant to infinitely inspire. Being part of ways it links and creates this world is a significant reason why I am a Writer… not to publish books, obviously.

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