difference of out loud

I have been very blessed to write with the insanely talented Rick Menace on a few occasions. As our next project, the two of us have been planning on mixing words and beats for a long time coming.

When I say a long time, I’m talking months. It’s funny. A lot of people tend to say, “We should do this…” or “How about we…” and never come through. Since I met Rick, I’ve recognized him as family. And although my head and earthly life get kicked from here to high hell – he never gives up on me. His patience and unconditional love toward me remind me of the benefits of a human incarnation.

I can’t wait for the product of our next production.

I spent time tonight reading my work and recording my voice. One edit only – no second takes.

As I’ve said before, reading my work out loud makes me want to puke. I’ve never considered myself a poet, I’m certainly not a spoken word artist. But for what it’s worth… my shit spoken is a gut punching delicacy.

Watch this space.

Being an Artist, to me, should be about coming out of your comfort zone. If you’re sitting pretty, there probably isn’t anything you need to overcome.

My brain processes existence in verse. I literally absorb daily actions in fragmented phrases. Reading them out loud is difficult. It’s uncomfortable and awkward.

There are few people I trust enough to explore that space with. Not that I don’t love everyone… trust is different. And no, I’m not saying that to sound like a hard ass. It’s a weak quality, nothing I reckon earns me creds.

But all that aside. I cannot wait to hear, feel, and experience the next piece of art that Rick and I create.

Stay tuned.

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