one loud ice cream truck

The ice cream truck cruising Tudor City has loud ass speakers. They’re so loud, that when Tim and I were making dinner – we had to close the windows, turn up Chopin and turn on the air-conditioner.

We felt guilty about the air-conditioner shortly after.

Anyways. Dear Ice Cream Man, I realize it is a beautiful summer night here in New York City. And ice-cream in these parts surely tastes no sweeter than on a sultry August evening. However, I do live on a very high floor. And I have worked 18 hour days most of the week. If I feel like listening to Sting, I shouldn’t be blasted out of my apartment with your happy chirps from 9 to 10pm, straight.


your friend, gretchen cello (x o x)

I had an interesting elevator experience that I’m going to write a story about later. I mean, a story based on it. There’s a poetry book too. It’s late this year. That’s the best thing about being your own Publisher. You set your own deadlines. If I want to publish my July to July poetry book in August. I’m totally allowed.

So there… Penguin books.

Never the less. I came across an assignment from when I was completing my Master’s while I was visiting my parents last weekend. I reckon it’s decent. It doesn’t not suck… wait.

My grammar isn’t great. All these long days at work. I’m learning a lot of mathematics. Interesting language.

I hope you are all surrounded in violet, gold and love reflections blog family.

Back to story spinning.

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