evasive misery

I was discussing pieces of novel around midnight. The protagonist in my novel is anguished. A lot of feedback about my creative fiction pieces comments on dark undertones. I suppose there’s special irony in me also penning books about benefits of positive affirmations and self-healing…

Everyone has their own outlet, I guess.

I someone earlier that I appreciate good writing that captures despair because I think most humans become lost in such a state to the degree of believing no one relates. Once this illusion sucks someone up, not everyone makes it back.

Happiness, on the other hand, seems different to me in that when humans are overjoyed, they aren’t likely carrying on about “Oh I’m so happy, I bet no one has ever been as smitten as me.”
Sadness seems to build a dome around people sometimes that they don’t believe anyone else has ever entered.

I referred to the protagonist in this particular book as being evasive and miserable. I think these are hard-hitting qualities to have when worded correctly and I’ve enjoyed developing each characteristic as the story continues to unfold.

Having the puppies with me again really snapped my writing habits back in line. Life feels a bit more normal now that they’re here. They motivate me uniquely and shape routine that improves the patterns that form when they aren’t around.

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