60k. puppies settled.

The puppies are settled in. It was a tricky few days. Jet lag, upset stomachs. The two of them have battled on like champions and both are happily settled in their new Queens home.

I can’t believe they’re here!

I sat down for the first time earlier and pieced together a few chunks of documents that came out to about 60,000 words. I think these words are what I’ll use to shape Novel One. After that I’m sure publishers will be slapping down advances like whoa and then I can pick and choose what stories make the next book.

The puppies arrival has me feeling wildly optimistic…

After taking no time off for a year, I feel that I adequately rocked my five day break. And I’m I’m not going to lie, I slept a lot. I weaved together words… I ran around the cemetery with the puppies. It’s been a peaceful, productive break.

I cooked tremendous feasts with Timothy and licked autumn food from my fingertips. Candied yams and roast-peppered brussels sprouts.

I’m happy to be at a stage with the notorious novel that it actually seems to be telling a tale. Sometimes I find myself with too many pieces and not enough logic to tie them together.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still as illogical as ever. It’s just nice to see a different sort of book starting to take shape.

Click clack click.

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  1. Click clack click! I love the thought of puppies nestled into you as the words spin and weave and dance to a new, logical rhythm! Perfection. Love and laughter to you, Tim and the beautiful staffies!!! xxx

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