fascination of a double existence…

I reckon I scored a job today… I woke up, put on my grown up clothes, slipped my feet into some incredibly¬†high heels, strut into town, and listened to a very nice lady say, “You have quite an impressive background, really…”

Tee hee…

In the midst of it all I got another phone call from a lovely gentleman who wants to chat on Monday about another prospect. So that brings Monday’s interview tally to three.

It’s all happening!

Nothing pleases me more than shattering stereotypes. If you happened to catch me with my boy David dropping it like it was on fire around 3am over the summer at a hip hop club in Queens, I don’t think your first impression would be “Let me guess… Senior Communications Advisor? No no wait… Marketing Manager…”

Titles are silly and make me double down with pools of ick tornado-ing in my guts.

The solid prospects I have of scoring a decent “job” in the near future have my fingers happily clicking in novel-like ways. A few thousand words today danced across pages at a steady pace. A few thousand decent ones if I do say so myself.

I believe humans are all walking contradictions. Societies paint us as they like, but everyone has a million sides. They just don’t usually splash them all over the world wide web like yours truly.

I feel insanely excited, wicked optimistic, and so much lighter than I have in ages.

Here’s to a double existence… triple if you can swing it…

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