freedom dancing. shake it.

Ever since I abruptly stopped being shitty, in addition to writing more and creating more art, I’ve been dancing more. I rearranged my apartment on Saturday to make it more dance-party friendly. I’m considering an impromptu New Year’s Eve Party.

I do live in Times Square, after all.

IMG_0422#1Anyways, after rearranging my place Saturday morning, David came over to celebrate the new dancing space. We dropped it hot crazy to Nicki  Minaj and Cassie.

Any girl who does not love Nicki either a) is a die-hard Lil Kim fan (respect) or, sadly b) a sucker fool.

There are woman around the world, a majority, in fact, that are insanely oppressed. They can’t drive a car or pursue a certain type of career. In extreme cases, they can’t even walk down the street without being attacked.

A lot of woman in liberated countries do not have any idea how fortunate they really are. Anyways. All that’s heavy for a Monday morning.

Go shake your ass blog family… stay blessed. Spread it.

The boys al-ways spendin all their money on love.


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