pole dancing in an escalade. columbia.

Tomorrow I have an appointment at Columbia University to discus their MFA program. I already have an MA but in the world of getting paid to lecture I’ve learned an MFA is required. Apart from the bazillions of dollars universities suck dry out of us, I enjoy studying. I need to stay in school. It brings a unique structure to my work, and learning stuff is fun.

And imagine if I got into Columbia? Talk about some shit…

I went to a wedding over the weekend. I’ll share the experience with this week’s forthcoming video blog. I’ve been getting much cult love about the videos, thank you all for that… and for all the love in general. I can be quite an emotional creature, nothing repairs me like love. On that note, love back to each and all of you… three fold.

After the wedding I met up with a mate of mine for a late night wander. Wandering is a critical element in my world of writing… wandering, watching, listening… all that jazz.

We ended up back in Manhattan around 4.30am. Traveling through Times Square we came across an Escalade Transformer. Are any of you familiar with these? It’s a stretch Escalade with a popped roof. And why would one require a popped roof in a stretch Escalade I’m sure you’re asking…

For pole dancing, naturally…

After standing in awe watching wrapped legs and curled elbows swing left to right inside the car, out stepped a crew of five hot mammas who gossiped with us shortly, let us light their cigarettes, then climbed back in the whip for a bit more swinging.

I blinked my eyes at one point and two topless dudes appeared as well. I didn’t see them on the pole, but I’m fairly certain they came from inside the car.

And that, blog family, is New York City. Times Square, 5am, pole dancing in an Escalade Transformer.

… keep up.

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    1. hahahahaa!! i try to keep everyone happy… my last few posts were kind of intense. i quite fancy a pole dancing intermission. 😀

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