full moon. two months.

Happy full moon blog family. Light some incense, sit in lotus and project love and wishes as widespread as you can reach.

Two months from now I’ll be in a new abode. Could be a house, could be an apartment, might be in Manhattan… maybe a few minutes out. There is only one certainty. Come hell or high water, the puppies are coming in October.

I’m still uncertain how I have survived nearly twelve months without them. I’m getting irritable over it. Tears have been rolling at random yet frequent periods as of late.

Sometimes when I’m clacking away as I do I suddenly sob over an empty lap. There are supposed to be two small fuzzy creatures nesting there together in dreams.

If nothing else, at least their absence has me more determined than ever to actually get a grown-up place to live. While I’ve enjoyed my fully furnished luxury hotel room in midtown for the past ten months, after living in Australia for a decade bouncing around from workman’s cottage to workman’s cottage… I think I might be over high-rise buildings.

While Inwood seemed the clear solution there for a second, I’ve been having puppy visions this week that involve more yard and less traffic lights. Don’t get it twisted, I won’t be traveling more than 30ish minutes beyond the world of midtown… but there are beaches and forests not too far away that I’m thinking might appease the babies more.

I think I’ll mediate on it… full moons are amazing for that…

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