full moon

I dipped away from the farm to my parents’ place today. It’s a full moon. I spent the afternoon meditatingIMG_7231 and contemplating. It’s a freezing night, but the moon is so bright – its shine in the window turned the room silver.

To say that my life “changed” over the past few weeks is beyond an understatement. And while I am someone who accepts and embraces every change that comes – adjustment is just a part of living a life on Earth.

Escaping to my parents’ place has become my ultimate place to center, there’s nowhere else like it. Hopefully, now that I’m up on the farm – I can contribute to creating an environment that offers other people the peace and serenity I find when I come here.

Living in another country for ten years, the person that I was with, who was a local of that country, never understood anything about the sacrifice of being away from people IMG_7236you’re closest and most familiar with. After the incident that happened last April, which I’m still not supposed to discuss for “legal reasons”, I’m thankful to be able to come here and steady on my feet when I need to.

Choosing to leave Manhattan wasn’t just “peace out city”, I also walked away from a window of my “career” that just won’t be attained anywhere else. I’m meditating on making the most of it in the upcoming opportunities I manifest.

One thing is certain, I’m not who I was leading up to April. I haven’t changed for the better or worse. If I let myself think I changed for worse, then I let what happened control my life more than it already has.

Apparently I have post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s a bit scary sometimes, meditating helps.

I hope everyone in my parts enjoyed the silver moon under the frigid sky tonight.

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