go ahead and get gone

On the day that I met both of my ex-husbands, we started living together. We had many profound experiences together from the second we crossed paths. In both instances, we were married in less than 11 weeks of supposedly being acquainted. The first time it lasted about nine years (infinity, if you ask me). The second time, under two months.

It’s shocking to think about the different lives that women carve around this planet. This time through, I have lived a liberated life of Western culture, after my relatives all left hostile environments to build a better life for their family – in some way, shape or form.

As of late, I (sadly) consider the United States as a hostile environment – which is why I am Australian these days.

Realistically, it makes no difference to me where anyone lives, what they believe, what their passport says, etc…. Earth is Earth. How sad is it that in 2014 we can talk about “globalization” from a perspective of markets, but not of humanity? If human beings were intelligent enough to CONSIDER EACH OTHER during daily activities of paying taxes and staying oppressed, I can’t help but believe the world would be different. But what can I say?

I’m an optimist.

I think I just digressed like four times…

In conclusion, to both of the boys I met and married, I’m still mad. But I’m not as hurt anymore. Somehow. “Go ahead and get gone.”

I feel better than I have since leaving Australia. Only took 33 months.

“… you made your bed, now lay in it.”

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