step outside… two steps ahead…

One of my favorite blessings is being raised a bit over an hour outside of New York City. It means that I have the perpetual option of hopping out of the concrete jungle into an electric green oasis at any given time.

Like now.

I’m nearly one third through this trip. I’ve written more in the past four days than I have in four weeks… novel wise that is. Poetry never seems to stop.

Anyways, I hopped the train today, ducked out of the city, and am safely tucked away in the forest. I ranted to my parents about how I’m busting to get set up back in the States. I kissed the tiny toes of my one year old niece.

I’ll be out here for the next 72 hours. Piecing together old to new. Creating more new. Stepping outside ordinary tendencies. Staying two steps ahead.

I couldn’t even begin to list all the reasons why I should be living in New York City. This coming Monday, I’m going into to have a discussion with the one verifiable shot I’ve got at getting back here. I’m not going to “think” about what happens if it doesn’t work.

It has to work.

Tonight I’m off to gossip with a sister, squeeze a brother in law, possibly kiss more baby toes, and progress with catching my breath.

I can’t believe I’ve been gone seven months.

Keep on keeping on…

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