horse getting

Alright blog tribe. I’m hopping back on my horse…

I’ve mentioned a bit about last April here and there, and put shortly – it sent my life reeling. It’s resulted where I am right now, tucked snugly in Connecticut and figuring out what’s next.

There’s a pair of lovers in my apartment in Manhattan. They’re staying there while I decide where I’ll end up next. The farm didn’t really go as planned. I got some writing done, I learned about myself.

I was whinging about offices a few weeks ago. Truth be told, offices actually don’t bother me that much. As a Writer, I’m used to being in front of a glowing screen. It’s not my favorite thing in the world – no one’s life is perfect.

IMG_8702What I can’t deal with, is inefficiency. Somehow, in all of these years of running around and writing for people, I’ve morphed into a legitimate Professional.


I’m lucky to get paid to do what I love. When my last job concluded, I was super heated. I liked that job. I like being an enigma. I can sit and write poetry all day, or short stories about whatever’s on my mind. I’ve got a juicy novel in the mix. But on the other hand, I’ve somehow developed a knack at interpreting extremely complicated financial statements and turning them into words that people can actually understand.

Earth doesn’t really like originality. Earth likes stereotypes, categorizing humans into small boxes. I’m pretty sure I kicked the walls to my box down a long time ago. I’ve gotten my ass whooped along with the rest of us, and I’ve always prided myself on getting back up.

It’s a little frightening to process that something could happen to me that was so awful, worse than my divorce even, that I nearly didn’t want to get back up.


Love to each of you checking in. I see you here in our small corner of web-ville. And whether you realize it or not, it’s what’s finally brushed off my knees. I don’t want to bitch anymore.

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    1. Totally had to do a runner gorgeous. While the furry farm creatures were therapeutic, the toxic human globs prove much too much. Counting the days until I come home. Alas, I undoubtably have a few more sets of months in these parts to address. I love you & long for date night regularly. xox

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