if you want to feel old, try aerobics

Being stuck indoors due to way-too-freezing outdoor conditions is something I have not experienced for some time. I was telling one of my sisters that the whole no exercise thing is getting to me and wreaking havoc on the detox. Back in Australia I run around with the puppies every day, all year on a regular basis. My sister’s solution? A Denise Austin work out DVD.

I have no idea who Denise Austin is and I have never done a workout video in my life. But as someone that will try anything once, I popped it in yesterday afternoon determined to do myself some good with a bit of old fashion jumping around. I lasted ten minutes.

Few things seem more depressing to me than stumbling over your own feet trying to do ridiculous steps being barked by a plastic appearing drill sergeant to synthesized tunes of the 80’s. This hardly seems like a way to feel better about yourself.

Instead, I opted for some good ‘old fashion’ 90’s punk. Blasting Face to Face and jumping on the bed worked out way better for me… I feel much better today.

Oh and I googled ‘gretchen sonnet’ and made the front page… that made me happy.

latent immunity

Unconscious cognition. Emotional.
Consistency behind a swooning heart.
Unseen force like a planetary pull.
Explanatory doses. Private art.
An ethereal attraction. Spiritual
demand, like passionate interjections.
Satisfaction of yearning, feeling full.
Reveal your truth. Seraphic projection.
An infinite necessity to shine
your light. Awake, a new way of dreaming.
Positions in between where worlds combine.
Every being a reflection beaming.
Regardless of state, our glory’s the same.
Illuminate the darkness. Violet flame.

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