why jobs don’t like brains…

For my blog family just catching up, this is the first time I haven’t had a ‘job’ since I was fifteen years old.I feel like a lot of jobs should like brains more. There are too many jobs that don’t offer the real playing feel for mind expansion. If I don’t get to use my brain for at least a few hours a day, I get very very cranky.

Since arriving in October, I essentially wake up each morning, start writing, and don’t stop until some point during the evening. In addition to the enjoyment of writing… it’s the freedom of actually being able to THINK that has been divine.

I try to staying trying making the most of the time I’ve got…

intellectual evolution

Does wearing nylons greaten my chances?
Survival in a corporate age disgusts.
Fake smiles exchanged for a chance to advance.
Just fitting in, a crooked trust.
My thoughts are not for hire, can’t buy my heart.
We’re categorized based on our degree,
a piece of paper to rank if you’re ‘smart’.
Determined worth by University.
Huge dollars at stake for not being me.
A system feeder pleases government.
Your bank account grows the more you agree.
‘Til you finally ask where your soul went.
Somehow evolution turned people blind.
Hushing what’s left of independent minds.

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