knots in my stomach. fire in my heart.

In 22 days I return to Australia. I’m not going to get much more into this before I go because the combination of excitement for a new journey and sorrow of leaving my family, friends, and beloved city literally has me in tears at the moment… which is making my monitor somewhat blurry.

I’m doing ten pages of my thriller script each day starting today… reviewing, rewriting, finishing. It’s one of the major writing achievements of my trip and I am happy with the results so far… That said, I’m never overjoyed with anything because I am insanely self critical as we all know.

The feedback I’m getting from my sonnets is intense. In addition to the screenplays I’ve done, I believe the 365 sonnet project is the most significant move I’ve taken since returning to the States to find a new direction for my writing. I’m receiving amazing feedback that usually makes me fidget and smile and wish I could come up with more clever ways of saying thank you.

Perhaps that’s something I can work on tomorrow?

a thirsty roamer takes a sip

Arriving in the desert, hot gold sand.
In search of nowhere’s centre – seeking still.
Survival. Nature’s compromise with land.
Direction promised through our own free will.
Horizons circle a mirage of trails.
Orange beams, sunset ribbons violet red.
Flow. Fire wind swarms; encompass each detail.
Existence thrives where life is limited.
Reborn like a redefined resilience
shattering previous circumscriptions.
Strenuous voyage engenders brilliance.
Hostility tamed beyond description.
Uninhabited places tell so much.
Listening without ears, feeling without touch.


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