i’m quite liking this…

This morning I was fortunate to have another play with some Facebook friends and collect a new basket of words to weave.

These are the words I was given: jubilant, misfit, blossom, perspective, determined, juvenile, friend, candle, tomahawk, I, love, you.

And this is the beautiful poetry the words wove. I haven’t titled them yet… I quite like them on their own. If anyone thinks of a title, please let me know…

misfit tomahawk love slicing my days.
determined strikes. my perspective. i… chop.
farewell juvenile affairs. parting ways.
jubilant blossom. stretch to sunshine’s top
where light becomes a kindred friend. reflect
soul. candle promises. ignite dim heart.
introduction shifts to mere recollect.
consuming complete and swallowing start.
time stop moments. frozen fingertip oath.
tracing a current of aqua blue streams.
thawed signs of spring. grounded forests of growth.
and you, a canopy of summersaults
spinning above. electric red promise.

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