intermission. happy new year blog family!!

Dear Blog Family

I hope you are all enjoying the serialized tarot story. I’m having fun writing it.

I wanted to have a brief intermission to wish each of you the best 2011 and say how much I love you.

As mentioned recentlyI’m in the middle of a minor crisis with one foot out the door of it, so things are on the up. I was concerned that when I slid into a temporary transition of exclusively creative posting some of our friends might not come over to play as often.

On the contrary, FollowMeToNYC smashed traffic records once again continuing to recruit new cult members every month since its inception. December 2010 was our most hustling month yet with over 12 000 visits and nearly 30 000 pages read.


Furthermore, the fact that so many new family members discovered my tiny pocket of the mysterious land of Internet during a time when I’ve been doing nothing but writing bits of story each day kind of has me wetting my pants a little. Because that means pretties are not just coming in to check my crazy ways.

It means people are digging my work.

So although when I started all of this off I had no idea of what I was getting into, 470 straight posts in it’s taking new shape and unravelling in wonderful ways… and keeping me writing fresh words every day. Last New Year’s I said I’d be posting every day all year and stuck to it… let another year of posting begin!!


We shall now return to my tale of tarot… I simply had to check in for a hot minute.

I missed you. x x

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