interviews four and five… a taste…

Dear Blog Family

With interviews number four and five shortly on the way, I reckon work will arrive swiftly. I was talking to someone I adore in New York City today about my crazy ways. Typical nervous breakdown stuff along the lines of, ‘I’m flat tapped. What am I doing? I don’t feel inspired. I miss Queens.’

This particular person set me straight with, ‘You’re intelligent and beautiful, you’re doing what you need to do.’ I don’t know how to take compliments. They usually make me shift awkwardly, fidget with my fingers, and say things like ‘Whatever…’

But sometimes they send me running off in search of a sunny patch of grass to sink into and write love poetry.

Those are usually the ones I remember…

taste of possession

A pair of lips designs my addiction.
Enlightenment from the style of a kiss,
Absence becomes a fatal infliction.
Sanity exchanged for permanent bliss.
Craving his flavor I re-shape my dreams,
Self-conscious about this sudden control,
Wishing for life to exist as it seems.
The feel of his skin, my sought after lull.
Life prior to now brings no guarantee.
Fate swallows desire replacing want.
What impacts the most is what you can’t see,
Accepting owned. No chance of defiance.
Kiss me again, I’ll show you forever.
He reaches for me, we’re one step closer.

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