introduction. one button push coming up.

I’m sitting in a cafe on Broadway in Astoria. The book is finished, I’m trying to put together a cover… then the button’s getting pushed…

Here’s the introduction to Poetry: Volume One


Thank you for reading my poetry. This is my first published collection. As a genre-less Writer, I experiment across every field of words. Poetry isn’t part of this experiment; poetry is simply how I process living a human existence.

The work in this collection was written between July 2009 to July 2010. This period of my life has been one of the most challenging, so far, this time around.

I have been writing creatively since early childhood. The one way I am able to make sense of this world is written word. It’s where I feel safe and unchallenged, where I can be myself.

These pages contain regular themes of love and unity with occasional slices of pain and confusion. The one other element of life that controls me besides my writing is my spirituality. I believe that we are all part of the same source. I hope that when you read these words, connection comes clear. Feeling separate, to me, is the most dangerous feeling.

Love and Light,
gretchen cello

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