jk rowling moment, top ten, and free tequila

Yesterday was a JK Rowling moment. I refer to her often because pre-Harry Potter she was a broke assDSCN1849 nobody preparing to top herself. Not that I’d ever off myself, but I appreciate the ‘Why God Why?!’ moments Writers have staring into silent space trying to remind themselves why they bother again (we sort of don’t have a choice).

I’d really like to go into the city to play, I’ll be there Friday but could REALLY use a bit of sidewalk stomping and beautiful people watching like… now. However! I shall persevere. I’m trying to end my script. What started off as ‘brushing something up’ ended up in the creation of an entire feature length film over a ten day period. A bloody good one too, if I do say so myself… which means even more that the ending can’t suck.

Top 10 Things I Miss Most About Australia

DSCN154310. The weather in Queensland, 70 degree winter days are fine by me.

9. Going to the shops barefoot and no one caring.

8. Greek Restaurants, Australia has the second. biggest Greek population to Greece only, YUM DOLMADES!

7. Barbeques.

6. Aussie Rules Football (although now it’s Cricket IMG_0227season, which I totally don’t miss).

5. Being able to call people ‘mate’ whenever I feel like.

4. Opportunities to convince people living in other countries that Americans aren’t assholes.

3. Medicare, finally a country trying to get healthcare right.

2. The accent… definitely the accent.

1. The puppies.

Lucky for me there are enough things that I love about being over here to balance out what I miss about over there (and vice versa…) For example, free shit. Yanks get free shit like it’s our job. I went out to eat the other day and since the waiter didn’t offer me a margarita, I got one free… and free tequila is enough to cheer anyone up… 100_1383

… even in the middle of a JK Rowling moment.

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