sucky UGG and sisters

100_1381What is up with Yanks and UGG? All my Australian people… see that LINE?? Of all the things in Australia for people to tap into… seriously.

News for you my fellow Yanks, waiting in line outside an UGG shop is VERY un-Australian. In the instance a line formed outside an UGG shop in Australia two things would be critical.

1. Hell would be freezing over.

2. Free  beers with an accompanying sausage sizzle would have to be happening along with some sideline sporting events to keep people entertained.

People that truly want to be down with Australia should go out and buy a John Farnham and Icehouse album to listen to while drinking case of something that isn’t Fosters during a barbeque… that is HEAPS more Australian than UGG.

I feel better today. I went to my sister’s place last night. Family’s good like that. Part of what attracted100_1351 me back to the States was having been away from my family too long. Unfortunately for me ¬†leaving one place always means leaving family behind at the other place. This is part of what pushes me to make it as a Writer… then I can work from a laptop from anyplace. Until you’re in a position where you need to balance 10 000 miles between people you love… there’s really no way of understanding it.

The best thing about being the youngest of five is that no one ever lets me take myself too seriously. Even during an over-dramatized ‘Waaaah’ moment. Sisters are the ones that have no problem saying, ‘Dude, just get your shit together.’

… which is what I’ll keep working on today.

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  1. I love my UGG slippers – I even have a pair of the shearling boots that I wore everywhere during the Connecticut/Vermont winters of yore. I WILL NOT FEEL SHAME FOR THE FUZZY SHOES!

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