fishing, fire, and free verse

Yesterday it was apparently 3 degrees F outside (-16C). Considering that I have been inducted into the clan of bad-ass ice fishers since my attendance at the derby last week… I spent the afternoon once again out on the ice.

We had a fire and the boys caught a fish which of course made me sad but he got thrown back right away and seemed to be in somewhat decent spirits considering someone just put a hook through his lip. Isn’t it strange how humans actually go out in search of people to shove steel posts through their face in the name of piercing? I’m sure fish would be much happier if they actually had a say in getting stabbed with wire… I digress.

I’m in this between-worlds limbo at the moment. I’ve been popping out every day to see everyone and we smile and hug and pretend like I’m not about to disappear for an unknown amount of time once again.

Going back to Australia is naturally exciting, but I would probably like it better if I was going back to Australia with an August visit to New York City already in site… I go through this every single time I depart one continent for the other.

I’m still shooting to work from my laptop and possibly get paid two dollars for all of the time I spend making word art. One of the projects I’m working on at the moment is a collection of free verse poetry and short stories.

Although I’ve been in the sonnet zone as of late and will definitely be continuing with them as we prepare to kick off February… I got stacks of other ‘unpublished’ work – enough for a book, easy.

I’m debating whether I’m going to go through a self-publishing site or just have a PDF available through my site. Charging people to read my stuff still makes me feel slightly nauseous, however since I’m happy to pay talented Writers for their stuff when I see something I like… maybe I’ll have the same luck.

So all of that will be amongst these pages shortly… In the meantime… here’s some free verse to give an example of what I’m on about…

the attire of endearment

we consume the other
(contain) holding an inferno,
burn my disguise.
a concealed midnight clutch…
captivates actuality,
paints our love
(gold) substance, something
you can touch.

listening two
(lifetimes) multiplied existence…
like animation
of light, shadows erased.
make believe lands
harboring a hold
(ownership) of belonging.

angles of affection,
degrees of the way we (open)
reveal life. unveil
what’s beneath
covers. wrap around innocence.
where you
inside out.

… dressing me up.

ps. I’m on my way into town… watch out New York City…

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