last day and back to it.

Tomorrow I fly back to Brisbane.

This week was meant to be a ‘break’ … for reasons I’m still sorting out, I must say that’s not what it felt like at all.

The writing that I’ve done over the past few days has been fiercely emotional. As a Writer, some creative pieces are just that … creative. They’re words born to paint scenarios in a unique way that expresses my style and connect me with the world.

Other pieces are me processing days, taking whatever spins in my stomach and weaving it into word art that will hopefully swallow down the excess feelings or whatever it is I simply can’t make sense of any other way.

I started this page to keep track every day of what’s happening in the world of gretchen’s writing. I’ve learned that self-analyzing creative processes and influence digs deeper inside than my initial expectation of ‘hey I think I’ll go to New York City and write.’

lethal distraction of self absorbtion

you don’t notice
salt crusted eyelids.
desert dreams.
dehydrated visions from when
you said you saw
me. understood.
how there’s hurt
in memories.
blue eyed promises.
jewelry oaths.
it suddenly became
not ok.
to ask
my underwater lips.
drowning in liquid trails.
patterns carved
down my face.
spelling wishes
you don’t notice.

2 thoughts on “last day and back to it.

  1. You didn’t do it’re suppose to disconnect.

    I like the poetry that came out of it though

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