b is for breakdown… (and BOO!)

While I may seem like a drama queen in certain regards when it comes to my writing, I like to think of it more as beingĀ DSCN1051’emotionally challenged’. And in case you haven’t noticed yet, I usually require at least one nervous breakdown at least every eleven weeks or so… great for the complexion.

I went to an appointment with a business advisor yesterday which went smooth. It was a very nice man who reiterated some stuff I already knew (blah blah legal stuff, blah accountant) but brought to my attention some other aspects I hadn’t put too much thought into.

I ran away feeling satisfied with his service but slightly disheartened that I’m swinging back in the direction of business, which I know I can do – but I can also write in ways that, in my opinion, are WAY more fulfilling and genuinely offer more to the world (deep, right?)

Picture 093The more I write, the better I get… and the better I get… the more my chances improve at actually getting someone to notice and/or care about what I’m on about. This is the only time in my life that I’ve been able to put all of my energy toward what I really want to do. And although it seems simple when you hold or view a final project – creative writing, no wait… good creative writing is more complicated than that.

What seems to be distracting me is the tease of my life at the moment. It’s wonderful writing full time, all kinds of writing… but it’s beat having it dangled in front of you with the deadlines I’ve got.

I suppose most people might now be so hard on themselves considering the progress I’ve made inside what’s actually a relatively short timeframe.

… I’m not like most people.

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