dreaming someone you never met. stacks.

I’m a lucid dreamer. Sleep has been a personal highlight throughout my current existence. I have such strong control over my dreams, a psychologist might I argue I’m technically not sleeping.

Trust me, I sleep deep.

Controlling every last detail of a dream is likely to be boring. Usually I think about certain things that I want to happen in my dreams, and then random bits fall around those.

Like people I haven’t met (yet?).

I imagine theory behind these someones that show up while we’re sleeping might include perspectives like, “You saw all these people who formed that one in your head” or “That’s actually someone you saw earlier without taking notice.”

I have no idea why it happens. All I know is that I have detailed conversations with these people, and they tend to appear two or three times a dream doing different things: working at a coffee shop, riding the same bus.

Dreams are important. Humans don’t pay enough attention to them. Sometimes I don’t think humans pay much attention to anything.

Anyways, if you happen to be one of these people that keep popping up… see you in a couple of hours.

There are stacks of wooden piles containing supposed pieces of furniture at various locations around my house. A cult member is on his way over and we are going to get our allen key on.

…that’s love my beautifuls

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