left out verse

Left (out) Verse

The problem they have is that I never
(lose faith) Care about. This bullshit. Promise.
Like a man (LOL) will do better;
When he is simply a piece of a list…
In a westernly indépendant age
I accept all U.S. “men” (our) are women;
But I still wish I could meet a real “man” –
Even though I can succumb to even…
Put on a facade to appease the “clan”?
When I look up, I only. See heaven. Bound.
Please. My life is simply hour-glass. Sand.
(and as…. you all talk… i don’t hear a sound)
I want to say “I am”. .. (in charge; of this…)
Speaking to no one. Ignorance is bliss.

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