let’s talk about australia

forestAustralia is far. Considering where I’m from, it’s literally one of the furthest places you can travel. The firsttime thing people ask me about when I tell them I live in Australia is the flight, and there’s no sugar coating this people… it sucks. I’ve flown an array of routes, via LA via Tahiti via South Korea etc. It’s insanely long and airlines rip you off in ways you can’t imagine.

This is where you need to consider what you’ll find there… and why that makes it worth your while.

The landscape is insanely diverse.┬áBeaches go without saying, you’re on the largest island in the world – obviously the coastline is one of the most beautiful.


My first trip to Australia was due to an invite I received to attend the Outback Eclipse Festival… a festival in Lyndurst. Without getting too into geography, upon arrival the road ended to nothing but cracked earth as far as your eyes can see with a sign basically reading ‘WARNING! If you’re going to cross this point, make sure someone knows where you are.’

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