let’s train

I’m going to a new kung fu school tonight. The only Sifu I have trained under was in Australia – and he will always remainIMG_0639 my true teacher. I never understood the impact that my three years of training in shaolin kung fu had until it ceased. And by that time, I was so far off the deep end, I kind of wasn’t aware of anything.

It has taken time and grace for me to return to training. There is an addictive discipline attached to it, to me. So I didn’t really want to get involved unlessĀ I was ready to commit. Finally, after three years and a lot of bullshit, I reckon I’m ready.

I never pegged myself as someone that would be passionate about a “martial art”. And ironically, the only reason I agreed to study shaolin kung fu was a sad attempt to make my first husband notice me. Naturally, he didn’t. But ironically, I found a system my body seemed to be made to for.

With a country childhood stemming from tree climbs and cliff jumps, I’ve always
IMG_2816had a certain core strength to me. What I love about kung fu, is that it is all based on the core strength of your body. So, you use your own strength to get stronger… opposed to barbells or a special machine.

I like how the other inspiration to get back to something I love is recently encountering a passionate person that I cant’ stop thinking about. Everyone is entitled to their take on existance, and Goddess knows I adore hearing theories. I’ll be 36 in six days, so my theories are firm in place.

My ultimate theory is that bodies should be coupled. So in between all of the kicking I’ll be doing at class tonight and forward, my eye stays on this love concept.

I’m about to start a fresh year! Guess we’ll see what happens. I’m glad kicks will certainly be involved… to TRAINING!

But also, just between you and I (us)… in my private time I cannot stop listening to this:

It just makes me think of him, which makes me quiet, which brings poems… and all I do is blink.

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