lets go to jersey

IMG_0104While Jersey has gotten a few shout-outs in my webland pocket, I’ve never impulsively jumped a bus there. Not until yesterday…

That’s right blog tribe, I bussed it to Jersey yesterday. Why? Exactly.

Sometimes things just happen.

The bus adventure was entertaining. First I went to Penn Station instead of Port Authority. I think the whole “P” word / west side thing scrambled my brains a bit. Fortunately,¬†I was still listening to Allen Stone with a backpack of notebooks and ink – so I wasn’t tooo bothered with the wander between stations.

I was, however, bothered at Port Authority, which simply makes no sense. There are lifts and escalators and information booths. Cops wander around and no one really knows where they’re going.

Especially me.IMG_0093

After taking the lift up, down, up, down I finally found the majestical corridor to scurry down for bus hopping. That was when I made two friends. One who I sat and giggled with while we eavesdropped on the conversation next to us which involved two very unhappy restaurant patrons.

“If I ask you for an iced-tea, I want a brand. Lipton or Brisk. Why are you giving me damn glass of unsweetened tea and some sugar, like I’m supposed to stir that together…” Etc.

After my friend hopped off the bus, I apparently missed the stop I was looking for. That’s when I wound up standing on the side of a dark, freeway-ish strip about a mile from where I IMG_0106needed to be.

That’s when my second¬†friend of the journey manifested with the friendly greeting of, “Ummm, I have a car… do you want me to drop you off?”

I clicked my heels and told him about how I am the product of a tribe of six New Jersey-ins. And then I sang him praise during the two minute trip back down the street.

It was hectic…

Today I’m working on a children’s book and also novel. I’ve been editing some poetry in between, but I’ve been writing poetry for a minute now… time for some different, new books.


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