manifesting books and apartments etc

All of my energy is focussed on finishing my novel so I can get an Agent, a bit of extra cash from book selling, and an apartment bought for the puppies to come live in.

How hard can it be?

I started working on a video blog today, I haven’t made one in for three months.

I really can’t think about anything other than the novel at the moment. It’s exciting, overwhelming, and eye-opening. Over the past two weeks, the final bits and pieces to tie things together and steer the ship have magically clicked in place.

I often think that magic is the only reliable resource. It always shows up when you need it, though it may take a bit of conjuring.

It’s hard to explain all the things occurring in life around me at the moment. It’s like, I’m observing all of these little pieces braid and knot with absolute certainty that my life is soon to take another dramatic twist. Nearly five months ago I left Australia. A month after that, I found out that the man I lived with for eight years started shacking up with some random stranger – and I really didn’t take it well.

It wasn’t until recently that I decided to get better. It was a good choice to make.

I spoke to a dear friend today who commented on my strength. She understands what life throws. I told her enduring beatings is part of what life is all about. She replied, “Yes but most people in situations like you don’t snap back.”

This is definitely the longest snap to back I’ve experienced.

It makes being there all the more spectacular.


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