I think I’m packed. My flight leaves in seven hours. Melbourne/Hong Kong – Hong Kong/London – London/Frankfurt – Frankfurt/Berlin – Berlin/New York City…

I’ll be in Berlin for three days.

Eleven years ago I packed two bags and left my parents’ house in the middle of the night for New York City. I burnt out. I went to Australia. I have had experiences only a best seller can express (wink wink).

I’m on my way back.

This time I have one suitcase and two boxes. Naturally I’ve filled a couple dozen notebooks with ink over the past decade and change… so they’re coming too. Hence: two boxes.

I don’t really want to talk about the puppies at the moment.

FollowMeToNYC has hit a hiatus and is ready for a major leap. No longer is the purpose of the page “dear world, give me a job to fund the wordly cause and an apartment in manhattan.” Now we shift to “dear world, it’s time to finish a novel and sell it to a new york city publisher with aims to somehow enhance my purchase of independence.”

This is it. Hold on blog family…

If I had more words to explain how I feel at the moment, I’d use them. Thank Goddess for meditation, space, and incense. Otherwise, I’m not sure how I’d be expressing my present condition.

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  1. Darling, it’s happening! You’re off! My goodness sweetheart, I bet your heart is pounding. Please give Bell a squeeze from me x
    I love you both, you little globetrotters

    1. my favorite one, alcohol does wonders for heart palpitations 😉 i am already crossing days off on my calender until i see you in the opposite hemisphere. i am grateful the universe led me to find YOU! hiding down here in this mysterious land. see you SOON! i will squeeze bell on your behalf, love you deeply. x o x

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