merry yes.

IMG_7097It worked blog tribe! I pulled the perfect vehicle out of thin air – a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo with 88,000 miles that I copped in Jamaica Queens. Since it’s getting registered tomorrow, I went out to visit her today. Her name is Santa, and she’ll be escorting myself, my partner and the puppies to the farm.

There are new projects everywhere, a true blessing on the cusp of entering another year. Addressing them from a 37 acre animal sanctuary, opposed to a wonderful island of running-ness will be a whole new experience. And new experiences bring new art, so you can imagine the dreams I’ve been having…

Every year since I’ve returned from Australia, I’ve gone to Connecticut for Christmas. This was the first year that I strolled Manhattan’s empty streets and wandered empty subway tunnels. The serenity of my sleep-less town lulling to nearly wish me luck made me wiggle my fingers.IMG_7129

I feel like Australia became home to me, and she’s so far right now. Manhattan brushed me off after a wee bit of humanhood’s deliveries… it’s time for the country. Someplace where I’ll feed and love llamas, alpacas, donkeys, horses, pygmy goats, pigs and all of the other gorgeousness.

I’m excited that part of what I’ll be up to will involve telling the world of this magical land.When I get up there next week-ish… I’ll determine how that will take flight.

Namaste cult collective, I hope the season is bringing you all celebrations – regardless of the calendar day.

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