month 51. midtown. magic.

On the first day of my 51st month of updating this page (blogging? still uncertain), it is my pleasure to announce… we’re moving back to midtown blog family!

Sweet Lord.

Henry dying and living in the house where it all occurred not only ruined my life for awhile, it made me promptly pull my head in and make things happen. Six days ago I said something like, “Hey, I reckon I’ll get a new place so I can visit Lily during lunchbreaks.”

Abracadabra blog tribe. I’m moving December 15. I’m going to be living smack set in the middle of the city’s guts. A ten minute walk from work. In Times Square, essentially. Fortunately, my apartment has a balcony overlooking a secret courtyard, so it’s surprisingly quiet. Hell’s Kitchen serenity. I think this will suit Lily and I nicely.

Life truly does blow my mind on occasion. This is one of those. I never thought I would live in the part of town I’m moving to. I’m excited to be able to take Peanut to Central Park every morning. It’s a far stretch from living on 1st Avenue and 3rd Street, my first NYC squat back in 2000… EXCITING.

I’m still carrying on with this book thing in between packing (again). I was actually going to post a story, but then I decided I would keep it in my “book only” pile. Hopefully the pile is a novel soon.

I need a new one of those.

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  1. Oh Wow Darling this is so exciting…you are finding your feet quickly and beautifully as always. I miss YOU

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