a month? damn.

Dear blog family

IMG_0203It’s been a month-ish since I checked in proper. Unbelievable things have occurred. Some wonderful, some suck.

As someone who believes there’s enough negativity in the world, I’d like to speak a minute on the wonderful things that happened over the past four weeks.


Correct. The Upper Whack Side was a mess waiting to happen. Sure, having a deck in Manhattan was cool… for five minutes.

Silly Gretchen fell in love again and decided to move close to a boy. So in addition to learning that I belong somewhere below 59th and above 48th… at 35 years old, I’ve learned not to chase boys anymore.

I’ll let them come to me.

Also, I have been penning New York Gritty stories that will be posted in the coming days.

Other things happened that are locked in my head and spilling from my pen. I’ll talk about them another time. Let’s talk about my new apartment.

My new apartment is my favorite and best! Complete with fire escape and avenue IMG_0216views. Prior to this, I’ve mainly been in furnished studios. If you speak New York City, that means I’ve been paying off people’s investment properties. It wasn’t so bad. I liked the bells and whistles, like men opening doors for me; the best views of the east river possible; and a Melrose-Place-esque balcony in the guts of the theatre district.

However, naturally, where I am now reigns supreme. And after being back in the states for for just shy of 36 months, landing my perfect Manhattan crib – walking distance to my writing job, central park, and the 24-hour everything that only west midtown uniquely offers…

Not a single complaint about my life. Only stories, oh and they’re coming…

2 thoughts on “a month? damn.

  1. So good to see you check back in! I love these snippets of your New York life, honey – Australia really is the other end of the world but when I get to dip into your ink, it’s like we’re in the same place again, even if just for a moment. Had a dream we were back in Poland again, eating pierogi, swilling vodka, and cackling into the bright blue European sky, en route to Angry Mouth, hehe. I miss you x

    1. The pierogis were divine. I can’t stop eating French food lately and think of you, and a magical evening, every time. To all of our adventures ahead, and the stories, naturally x

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