more to say. really.

Namaste blog family

While I realize I seem quite silent lately, my Internet connection at Hotel Berlin is garbage. I even made a video for you and everything which I spent three (yes three) hours trying to post.

It’s not happening.

I thought about putting up some photos and they seem to be as effective as the video when mixed with the “wireless” services of my hotel.

I’m leaving tomorrow!

Tomorrow I will arrive in the land of New York City, a land where inefficent wireless was ruled out somewhere back in 2002. Then I will be in a position to show and tell my past few days in Berlin.

Regardless of never having any desire to be here this long, I appreciate the Universe trapping me in a position of perpetual solitude. I’ve learned a lot.

What more could I ask for?

Now that my responsible “few days to ease into New York City” theory has been tossed out the window, I look forward to starting my new gig on Thursday.

I swear I have more to say about this all… really.

Just WAIT until I have proper Internet!!

love love love

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