ass beating. aka shading (in cuts).

I’m getting my ass beat at the moment blog family. Today was the first day in about three years that I actually felt alright about enduring it.

Because I know better now.

I love you all and how you hold me down. Unfortunately, this is something I’m stuck going through alone. Although rest assured, the puppies are in my lap at the moment – that helps immensely.

So does ink…

… ink is always helpful.

Once I bleed all this poetry, books shall bloom. I’ve been writing bits and pieces of them every day.

In other news, or the same news, actually…

shading (in cuts)

if i was.
who you thought… what you dream of…
maybe i could have been.
enough. quality.
do me a favor. when i say
stop, try. being honest
i sigh at pathetic
excuses for how
i never made
your grade. fail me
again. i learn
how to stand, long leg strut.
distribution. while you left me
alone i became. taller.
when real arrives
i will not remember
your name. used to
devour what i understand
to be a woman. i am so much
higher than what you dissemble.
difference. now.
you cannot dress down
who i am
searching for your
solo. figure it out.
once was. our world.
a distant memory.

4 thoughts on “ass beating. aka shading (in cuts).

  1. when I was a kid I used to say “If I was at home, when I wasn’t at home, I’d stay at home”
    🙂 don’t be lonely Ms Cello !

    1. i once met someone who told me i was from outer space, so i’m likely to be lonely where ever i am… i like that theory 😉 love to you cathal! you know me, queen bounce back… it’s just nice to feel like i’m getting to the ‘back’ bit… i’ve been getting kicked in one direction for quite some time. xoxox

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